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Our design and manufacturing HQ on the Central Coast, NSW utilizes the latest in automated production technologies to create the most reliable and consistent trailer systems in Australia.

Our mission is simple – we manufacture the most affordably priced Australian made trailers available that provide you with years of enjoyment on and off the water.

2014:  As most great ideas happen, TrailerPark was created from a desire to bring back Australian manufacturing.  Fortunately, due to a decade or so researching Automation, Robotic and Renewable technologies, we just happened to have access to some of the most cutting-edge manufacturing equipment available.  Always searching for ways to engineer things better, safer and faster, we decided to employ these technologies to assist the new trailer business.

2016:  With a highly successful 18 month prototype/design and test run, word started to spread around the local PWC designs.

2018:  The Sea is the limit!!!

Our mission is to continue to bring the best possible PWC and Boating trailers to the people of Australia.  With a little help from our robotic friends, we have consistently won over more customers including the supply of raw robotically produced frames to many of our competitors.